Sabertooth Dynamics is an Indie (Independent) company. Where there is one programmer doing your programming, and the designing of your websites. That leaves less room for error where most companies have 5-30 people working on your website. At Sabertooth, I believe that walking hand in hand with the client is key in making the project happen. Sabertooth makes your dream website fast and reliable and the best part is. It is affordable with 365 days year support and customer services.
Stephan Mostert ~ Founder, Developer & designer.
Sabertooth Dynamics has been in my mind for a few years now. Finding the right time to show the clients, that   web development does not have to be expensive, was my main goal in starting this company. The company is managed by one person, including all projects. This is my goal in making each website by client standards and fast and keeping the projects as cost-effective as possible. Face it most companies overcharge for the development and only, provide you with the basics each month and if changes need to be made it can take up to weeks to complete, but   with Sabertooth it   will be only a matter of days.
Mobile app development coming soon!
You read it correctly. Sabertooth Dynamics does the hosting for you as well. Your entire website is run and looked after by Sabertooth Dynamics. This makes more time for you to focus on other projects or responsibilities.
Need an email address or 10? Sabertooth Dynamics will host your email domain and addresses for you, as well as maintain it for you too. setting your mail up on your computer or laptop is easy with Teamviewer support at hand. Sabertooth does the heavy lifting for you.
No place on the internet is safe from viruses to keep your documentation and computer/laptop/mobile safe from harmful viruses with eScan Internet Suit.
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